Rattan Corner Sets

At Rattano we aim to deliver a high quality product at a very competitive cost. We have a wide range of Rattan Corner Sets available, so no matter what size your garden or patio area, we have a Corner Sofa Set to suit you.

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Rattan Dining Sets

We offer a wide selection of Rattan Dining Sets ranging in size and colour. From 2 seaters to 10 seaters, and a variety of colours, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

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Rattan Sun Loungers

Our vast range of sun loungers ensure you will be soaking up the sun in style this summer. Whether you want a sun lounger set or an individual sun lounger, we can cater for your needs.

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Rattan Sofa Sets

With Sofa Sets from 2 seaters and more, bring life to your garden with comfort and style. With colours to suit every garden setting, we are sure you won’t be left disappointed.

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Rattan Cube Sets

You can’t go wrong with a product as versatile as the Rattan Cube Sets. Enjoy the pleasure of a full dining set from a 2 seat to a 10 seat, then when your finished, the cube conveniently stores away to maximise space in your garden.

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Free Delivery
Rattano offers the most competitive prices on the internet for Rattan Garden Furniture with free nationwide delivery.

Totally weather resistant weave that will not fade or rust (aluminium framed). UV resistant and frost resistant with removable cushion covers.

Durable yet still stylish, our Rattan Garden Furniture ensures little or no maintenance throughout its long lasting service.

Rattan Daybed

We are sure you will find what you are looking for in our range of Sofa Sets. Available in different sizes and colours, our sofa sets ensure maximum comfort is achieved while keeping the look stylish.

Rattan Corner Sofa Furniture

Versatility is an added bonus to any piece of furniture and our Corner Sofas are no exception to this rule allowing you to maximise space in your garden or patio area without compromising on quality or style.

Rattan Dining Furniture

Whether you are having a cosy romantic meal for 2 or a family gathering for 10, we have a Dining Set to fulfil your needs. Round, rectangle, square or oval, our vast range of dining sets will leave you spoilt for choice.

Rattan Sun Lounger

It’s time to soak up the summer sunshine in ultimate relaxation with our Rattan Sun Loungers. Whether you lounge alone or with a companion, we cater for all needs from single loungers to double loungers with a side table.

Rattan Cube Set

Looking for a dining set to cater for many but unsure you have the room for a dining table? Our Cube Sets are the ideal solution for easy and stylish storage yet maintaining comfort when in use.

Rattan Daybed

A Rattan Garden Daybed is the ultimate in relaxation. With extravagant daybeds, to daybeds that will blend in to any setting, you won’t be disappointed with the vast range we have on offer.


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